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May 10
Are you part of the sandwich generation?

​Do you look after your parents and your children and are struggling to afford the additional expenses? Share your stories with others here.

Jan 20
What are some of your new year resolutions?
Jan 20
Share some of your debt busting tips with other consumers here
Jan 20
Did you stick to your holiday budget - where did you go wrong?
Oct 20
Have you prepared your holiday budget?

​The holidays are around the corner and it is important to plan for it, otherwise you will be left with too many expenses and too little money. If you have a holiday budget and you stick to it, come January you will not be asking yourself, "Where did my money go?". Share your thoughts and ideas here.

Jun 10
July is savings month - Share your savings tips with us
Jun 10
Difficult contractual terms

Have you ever signed a contract and not understood all the terms and conditions because of the contractual jargon used?

Share your thoughts and definitions with others.


May 08
Buying a home.

​Tell us what you wish you knew before you bought your home?

May 04
Have you had a bad experience with accident claims?

​Share your accident story as well as the process you followed. Include the period of time it took to process your claim.

May 04
Public holidays increase the pressure to over-spend, do you agree?
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