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Welcome to the Blog section of www.fscaconsumered.co.za. Feel free to chat to other consumers on issues relevant to your finances. If you would like to create a new topic, click on the "Suggest a blog topic" below or click on the Title of one of the blogs below to add your opinion.


Jun 10
July is savings month - Share your savings tips with us
Jun 10
Difficult contractual terms

Have you ever signed a contract and not understood all the terms and conditions because of the contractual jargon used?

Share your thoughts and definitions with others.


May 08
Buying a home.

​Tell us what you wish you knew before you bought your home?

May 04
Have you had a bad experience with accident claims?

​Share your accident story as well as the process you followed. Include the period of time it took to process your claim.

May 04
Public holidays increase the pressure to over-spend, do you agree?
Mar 24
March is Consumer rights month

​Do you know your rights as a consumer? Please share some of your experiences here.

Feb 09
What would you do with a million rands?
Jan 20
What are some of your financial goals for 2015?

​Share some of your thoughts with others.

Dec 18
How do you budget for the holidays?
Nov 18
What do you do when you do not have extra money for the festive season?

​Do you borrow, take a loan or sit the family down and stay home?

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