Clearing short-term debt is good for financial wellbeing

​Clearing short-term debt is good for financial wellbeing

By Mpho Sibanyoni

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. Please consult an authorised financial services provider for financial advice.

When looking at the political and economic climate, you may be tempted to agree with many economists when they predict that financially, 2019 will be a better year than recent years.

Despite there being many events that could put a spanner in the works and turn the year into a financial nightmare, 2019 should be a year in which we aim to get rid of our credit products, especially short-term ones.

However, to do this successfully, the first thing you, as a user of credit products, should consider doing is managing your finances in a way that will result in your current expenditure not exceeding your income.

Short-term credit products like personal and revolving loans and credit cards attract more expensive interest and are harsh on the household budget.