Financial Tips for 2015
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Financial Tips for 2015

Here are some financial tips, one for each week of 2015. We hope that these will inspire you to live a financially free life. Each week a new tip will also be featured on our landing page.


1.      Buy with your head and not with your heart

2.      Open a savings account for your children as soon as possible

3.      You have the choice to choose financial freedom

4.      Use student cards for discounts

5.      Use pensioners card for discounts at shops

6.      If you can’t afford it cash, you can’t afford it at all

7.      Interest is only interesting when you receiving it

8.      Only borrow money when it’s going to make you money

9.      Don’t agree to credit limit increases it only increases buying temptation

10.   Set financial goals for yourself and your family

11.   Create a household budget and share this with your teenage children

12.   Track your day-to-day spending habits by keeping receipts

13.   Take advantage of rewards programs to make the most out of your money

14.   Make money don’t spend unnecessarily

15.   Understand the deductions on your payslip

16.   Assets feed you, liabilities eat you

17.   Know your rights as a banking customer

18.   You are the CEO of your life; financial freedom is your responsibility

19.   Creating financial freedom is a matter of developing the right habits

20.   Money buys you stuff, not happiness

21.   Financial literacy starts at home

22.   Your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes determine your wealth potential

23.   To be financially successful, learn the language of money

24.   Money is a tool to help reach your dreams

25.   You work hard to make money. Make money work for you.

26.   It is your right to demand a receipt after any purchase

27.   Be cautious of online scams requesting your credit card details

28.   Beware of oMashayana (Ponzi schemes)

29.   Understand banking fees before opening a bank account

30.   Start your journey to financial healing by accessing a free credit report from credit report providers.

31.   Open a unit trust for your child. Ask friends and family to deposit gifts instead of wasting it on many toys.

32.   Opt for interest free clothing accounts if you buy on credit and pay it off before the term

33.   Put all claims and deductions into a separate savings account

34.   Before getting married, talk about your current and future saving and spending habits.

35.   Establish a realistic budget for your wedding day and identify ways to minimize costs.

36.   Re-look your budget when "expecting" a baby

37.   Use trusted online financial tools click here….

38.   Make your own lunch instead of purchasing lunch at work

39.   Have an emergency fund in your financial plan to help ensure you are prepared for unforeseen expenses and to avoid incurring high interest debt.

40.   Consolidate high-interest debt into a line of credit to save on interest costs and become debt-free sooner.

41.   Businesses also need to budget to stay afloat

42.   Make arrangements with creditors if you cannot pay the full instalments. Stop spending on the account.

43.   Switch off unused lights and save on electricity

44.   Put the geyser off during the day whilst you at work

45.   Use energy saving bulbs instead of conventional bulbs

46.   Don’t wash dishes under running water. Fill the sink.

47.   Boil only what you need for a cup of tea.

48.   Boil water and keep it in a flask.

49.   Only keep essential appliances on like the fridge and freezer

50.   Do not shop on an empty stomach

51.   Make a grocery list of the items you need, and only buy those

52.   Look for simple ways to make extra money like growing and selling plants, scones at work