The FSCA raising awareness at the World Consumer Rights Day

The FSCA raising awareness at the World Consumer Rights Day


The Financial Sector Conduct Authority attended the world Consumer Rights Day under the theme "Making digital marketplaces fairer". Members of the local community attended the event which was held at the Prieska Community Hall. The event was focused on assisting ordinary consumers who are often unsure about what their consumer rights and obligations. It also promoted digital marketplaces that are more accessible to communities in a safer and fairer manner.

It is of significance to raise awareness during World Consumer Day because the Consumer Protection Act recognizes eight (8) fundamental consumer rights which must be observed by business. These are: the right to equality in the consumer market, privacy, choose (choice), disclosure and information, fair and responsible marketing, fair and honest dealing, just and reasonable terms and conditions, as well as the right to fair value, good quality and safety.

Information distributed at the event included:

- The need for responsible financial management

- How to manage money

- Rights and responsibilities when buying financial services products  and recourse if needed

- Taking Regulation to the people event in Kimberley

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